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Hello everyone. My name is Trish. I love reading and wrighting. Here you will find my favourite quotes and pictures from different books, series and films. My favourites at the moment are Doctor Who, Press Gang, Merlin and a lot off other things from BBC.

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"Those girls are just 17 and it’s not their fault."


Graham’s response to people booing Russia after they recieved points.

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Dear UK, you’re not going to win, but at least your flag was GORGEOUS.


Dear UK, you’re not going to win, but at least your flag was GORGEOUS.

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  • eurovision host: if you don't know what a hashtag is--
  • graham norton: don't PATRONISE me
  • eurovision host: [...] hashtag get a life
  • graham norton: I'M 51, I'M NOT DEAD

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of course the UK’s song title sounds like the name of a doctor who episode

"children of the universe"

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The Netherlands turn. Congraulations, 2nd time in a row in the finale for many years, Good luck. 
(I’m Feeling torn)

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Apperantly the best music is written in a sauna…according too the Swedish commentator and propably many other people living in Scandinavia 

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Swedens turn!
Go Sanna!!!

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Austria, Eurovision

Austria, is it a woman or a male? can’t tell

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Let the Battle begin…

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I love Capaldis faces in the three muskateers. I think I will like him as the Doctor but I will miss Matt Smith =’(

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