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Hello everyone. My name is Trish. I love reading and wrighting. Here you will find my favourite quotes and pictures from different books, series and films. My favourites at the moment are Doctor Who, Press Gang, Merlin and a lot off other things from BBC.

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Reblog this if you actually want your followers to talk to you, and that you don’t think them to be annoying. Let them know they have nothing to be nervous about.

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Shameless appreciation post for my favorite companions.

Imagine these three together.

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Shakespeare would seriously laugh so hard if he found out how seriously people take his works. Like, he would probably cry from laughing so hard if you told him that his plays were considered high-brow literature. “It’s all dick jokes and sword fights,” he’d say, “do they seriously tell my dick jokes to schoolchildren? And the kids aren’t allowed to laugh? Do the teachers know they’re telling dick jokes? Oh my god that’s fucking hilarious. Wait until I tell Anne.”

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River, make her blue again!

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June 26, 1997: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Published.
The Harry Potter series is officially 17 years old today.

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I found this really cool new website called that brings on more existential crisis and gives you totally cool information.

There’s a lot more information there I didn’t post, but try it out for yourself!

The last one “compared to others” really hits hard, it shows you how many people born on your birthday are still alive vs. how many died.

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"Those girls are just 17 and it’s not their fault."


Graham’s response to people booing Russia after they recieved points.

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